Dori Media International GmbH (DMI)

Dori Media International GmbH, Switzerland. Through its subsidiaries, form joint ventures with leading Latin American producers for production and distribution of Telenovelas and formats.
Amongst its productions:

  • Lola Once Upon a Time- 175 episodes- Teen audience
  • The Game of Love- 122 episodes- General audience
  • The Hair- 161 episodes- General audience
  • The Emerald Necklace- 150 episodes- General audience
  • Lalola- 150 episodes- General audience
  • Ugly Duckling- 170 episodes- Family & Children
  • RBD the Family- 13 episodes- Teen audience
  • Dr. Love- 120 episodes- General audience
  • Latin Love- 120 episodes- General audience
  • Juanita is Single- 116 episodes- General audience
  • You Are the One- 230 episodes- Comedic Telenovela, General Audience
  • The Rebels- 318 episodes- teen Telenovela
  • The Rebels- The Movie- A teen feature film
  • Little Corner of Light- 199 episodes- children Telenovela
  • Flinderella (Floricienta)- 361 episodes- Teen Telenovela
  • The Shelter (El-Refugio)- 142 initial episodes- Teen Telenovela
  • Loony Love 120 episodes (half-hours)- Romantic comedy, General audiences
  • People of Honor- 150 episodes- General audiences
  • Love Heritage- 150 episodes- General audiences
  • Brave Father John- 189 episodes- General audiences

It is also in charge of international merchandizing of branded products jointly with large broadcasters and merchandizing companies.

The company is responsible for the stage productions of live shows and spectacles as well as the production of music CD's, DVD's and Video

In December 2005, DMG’s fully owned Swiss subsidiary, Dori Media International GmbH (“DMI”) has signed an agreement with PT MATAHARI LINTAS CAKRAWALA (“INDOVISION”), Indonesia’s first Direct Broadcast Satellite provider, to launch a dedicated Telenovela TV channel in Indonesia. DMI will create, produce and package all content for the channel which will be branded under DMI’s International brand "Televiva" as well as under INDOVISION’s brand "Vision 2".


Share Holder name (comp/personal) Percentage
Dori Media Group Ltd 100%

Management Positions

Name Position
Kobi Levi CEO & CFO