DTR (Direct to Retail)

As the retail sector in Israel evolves from the market driven mentality of the past, to the highly structured multiples of the future, LDI realized that it must not only embrace the change but lead it.
Accordingly, LDI established DTR - Direct to Retail Ltd, a company whose corporate dictate is to provide turn-key merchandising solutions to major retail chains.
The large multiples want to carry licensed merchandise, but are not interested in dealing with 15 different licensees in order to put together a strong offering. They want a simple, efficient and no risk solution. DTR is able to provide such by in effect becoming the licensed products outsourcing agency for the retailer.
DTR handles the design and sourcing of the merchandise, its import and warehousing, together with the logistical support and presentation of the products for and on behalf of the retailer. Many of DTR's customers are leaders in their respective market segments:

  • Retail: SuperSol, Blue Square Co-Op, The New Mashbir LaZarchan.
  • Pharmacies: Super Pharm, New Pharm Drugstors Ltd.
  • Petrol: Sonol, Paz, Delek.
  • Fashion: H&O, Golf & Co.
  • Office supplies: Office Depot.
  • Toys: Toys R' Us, Kfar HaSha'ashuim.
  • Cellular phones: Cellcom, Paz.
  • Banks: Bank Leumi.

A robust and dynamic enterprise, DTR draws considerable strength from the synergetic alliance of the Mapal Communications Group. Closely collaborating with several of its co-members, DTR strives to develop its business activities under the overall vision of Mapal Communications.
DTR was founded in 2001 by Mapal Communications in collaboration with Yossi Fox, CPA, former head of the non-food division at SuperSol, the largest retail chain in Israel.


Share Holder name (comp/personal) Percentage
LDI (Israel) Ltd 100%

Management Positions

Name Position
Nadav Palti Chairman
Yosi Fox CEO